THE HEALER (Short Film)

A short-film, THE HEALER (2013) with Japanese sub-caption in full length.

Presented by Final Fight Family & FFF33D/Final Fight Enterprises
Director: Ichiro Hino
Screenwriter: Ichiro Hino, Hussain Ewidah
Starring: Jessica Zerby, Kevin Craig Wesley, David Morton
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Running time: 16 min

Plot Summary:
Since a young lady (Jessica Zerby) contracted with a company,”The Atomica Project” for a night job, her life turned to be wealthier without any inconvenience and gets satisfaction as brainwashed into her job, until she meets a man (Kevin Craig Wesley) for the job in a night…The story is narrated by her mind-voiceover, and it reveals her dark secret.

© 2013 ICHIRO HINO & FINAL FIGHT FAMILY. All right reserved.



Official trailer for a short-film, THE HEALER (2013)

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Official trailer for the music documentary, DEMO:Session from Music Garage.



This is a visual performance video inspired from an amazing song “My Artistic Line” by J.Smith.

Musician, fashion designer, graphic artist, photographer, media producer, and filmmaker.. By collaboration of 8 artists all together as fusion, it leads you to witness their creative expression and their own voice revealed in the multicultural city.

©2010 Ichiro Hino. All right reserved


CAUTION (Short Film)

Plot Summary:

Facing death of a lover, a man is driven to revenge the murder. In the same time, he doesn’t even know ‘something’ is happening around him .. It’s a dark short film about lost, anger, madness, and loneliness. However you will see they are connected in one to lead into hope.

© 2009 Ichiro Hino. All right reserved

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